321Insight, Inc

ID# 005113
Portland, OR 97219
United States
Developed by industry experts and experienced practitioners, 321insight's products provide paraeducators with just-in-time support and coaching to successfully solve everyday problems they encounter. Topics include behavior management and support, inclusion strategies, setting boundaries, thinking functionally, support strategies for diverse learners, SPED eligibility, and more.

321insight is taking the same approach of concise, job-essential information delivered through video best practices, and applying it to district and school wide efforts to become trauma informed/trauma sensitive. Available in 2017, 321insight's Trauma Informed training series will offer schools a ready-to-use package to guide their efforts in becoming trauma sensitive. Videos and job-specific resources will be available for administrators, teachers, paraeducators, classified staff, including secretaries, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, etc., school psychologist, and more.

321insight gives educators access to the right information at the right time, so they can support students and help them succeed.