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In order to protect your company from compliance litigation, you need experienced human intelligence to guide you through every step of the vetting process. You need a knowledgeable provider, not just a data vendor.
Employee background checking requires being compliant with FCRA and EEOC guidelines. At the same time, selecting an unsuitable employment applicant is a high risk. However, the improper employment screening procedure can be just as damaging. Our platform provides all the necessary tools to seamlessly integrate fairness compliance in every step of the vetting process.
In today’s job market, the speed and accuracy of a background check are paramount because time and resources are spent finding the ideal candidate.
When a job offer is extended with the contingency of clear background history, you can’t afford the risk of your future employee getting hired by your competitor while waiting on a background report.
We also know you don’t have the time to learn new, sophisticated technology to ensure that your employment background screening procedure is FCRA & EEOC compliant.
We are proudly supportive and compliant with California Senate Bill 909 (CA SB 909). BCS Background Screening, LLC does not outsource personal identifiable information (PII) outside the USA. All processing and preparation of each background report are proudly done in the United States.
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