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An independently owned business since 1992, the Center for Safety & Environmental Management (CSEM) is run by professionals with extensive experience in hazardous and environmental safety training. We deliver quality and robust educational programs in safety training and consulting services to government organizations and corporate entities. We can design and create products that provide seamless and systematic training, whether the delivery is in-person, instructor-led, video-based, or as a live webinar. The training courses are also available 24/7 to achieve the required training goals in private, institutional, and governmental sectors. You can refer to the course outlines to get an understanding of the basic training materials, but you can customize each course to your specific business requirements. Our founder, Frank Quarato, will provide custom training on-site, in the facilities of a national partner, or as a webinar. The full courses include OSHA training, EPA training, DOT training, MSHA training, Skilled Trades training, Marcellus shale training, Hazwoper training, and Miner training. You can choose to get certificate-based credited courses for mandatory compliance training. The certification you get at the end may be for one to three years. You can take worldwide-based safety training classes and courses which come tailored to meet your individual business needs for workplace safety. There are also COVID 19 safety training classes. You can also join the CSEM referral program to offer course training to your clients and get 10% of the program profits. For more information about our CSEM courses and their outlines, please visit https://www.csem.com/resources/about-csem/ & https://www.csem.com/course-listing/full-course-outlines/.