Ident-A-Kid Services of America, Inc.

ID# 001712
Saint Petersburg, FL
United States
The Company was founded in 1986 by Robert King after helping a neighbor, whose child had gone missing in a department store. As a result, Mr. King realized the importance of having a current photo ID and soon was providing child ID cards to friends and neighbors. The first Ident-A-Kid cards were printed with a typewriter, used Polaroid photos, and contained a messy ink fingerprint. Over the years, Ident-A-Kid has kept up with technology. In 1988, the IDs were made with a PC. Ten years later, the first digital photos and fingerprints were used. Shortly thereafter, a two-step process was developed to capture a child’s data in about ten seconds. In 2009, the first electronic ID, the eKid-ID, was sent to parents’ cell phones via picture text messaging. This important Program is currently offered to families at approximately 10,000 schools and daycares in 35 states, annually.

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