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The featured products below as well as others can be viewed at Please call 972-722-5677 for any additional information or assistance in placing an order. We will accept school credit cards or purchase orders. Sample can be provided for potential quantity purchases.

Grief Kit: Our grief kit was initially designed for military families facing the loss of a loved one. The kit includes our world famous DVD and book What on Earth Do you Do When Someone Dies; A Grief Journal; A Guide for the Caregiver; and our mascot. This kit is now available on our website at

COST: $39.95 (quantity pricing available for district wide implementations).

TEACHER COUNSELOR ACTIVITY KITS: These kits are available for Homework, Cliques, and Bullies. Kits include appropriate DVD, Activity Book (various activities for multiple grade-levels); and our music CD.

COST: $69.95 each Available on our Website

The Trevor Romain DVDs can be played in either English or Spanish with sub-titles in either language. These DVDS offer a fun and interesting way for students to learn how to deal with uncomfortable and sometimes new situations. Also great for ESL students. Visit to view DVD Trailers.

Bullies are a Pain in the Brain - Using humor, original music and a fast-paced story line, Trevor offers students practical and easy-to-implement, appropriate solutions for dealing with bullies.

How to do Homework without Throwing Up – A humorous adventure in the amazon jungle helps students learn good homework skills such as scheduling, prioritizing, study habits and more. . This book would be a great tool for orientation for the students moving from Elementary to Middle School who for the first time may be responsible for independent completion and submission of homework assignments.

Cliques, Phonies and Other Baloney – Using real life situations, Trevor helps students understand the difference between a group of friends and a mean clique. This DVD offers helpful suggestions on how to dare to be different, keeping an open mind, and dealing with the cliques you might encounter.

If You Don’t Take Care of Your Body, Where Else are You Going to Live? – Through a 30 day fitness challenge, this DVD helps student understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Students learn that physical activity and healthy eating habits are not only good for you but fun as well.

What on Earth Do You Do if Someone Dies – Using gentle humor and a compassionate story line, Trevor uses his own experience to pass along practical advice for students on the importance of crying, talking about death, grieving, and going on with their lives.

Taking the “Duh” out of Divorce – Using gentle humor, and a compelling story line, Trevor helps students understand Divorce is not their fault, they are still loved, and provides tips on how to express their feeling in a healthy manner through discussion with friends and other adults.

Facing Fear without Throwing UP- This DVD helps students face all of their fears from spiders or heights to not fitting in or taking a test. This DVD can be used as a great test prep tool.

The world famous signature book Bullies are a Pain in the Brain is available in English or Spanish. Other books are available in English Only.
COST: $9.95 each

Bullies are a Pain in the Brain – This books blends humor and serious practical suggestions for coping with bullies.

Cliques, Phonies and Other Baloney – Written for every student who has felt excluded or trapped by a clique, this book blends humor with practical advice as it tackles a serious subject.

How to do Homework without Throwing UP – Homework can be tough, but Trevor Romain gives students great advice about the best managing their work at home in this fun and easy-to-read book. This book could be used as part of an Intervention Plan for students struggling with academic success.

What on Earth Do You Do When Someone Dies – This book is simple, insightful and straight from the heart, written for any students has lost a loved one or other special person.

True or False? Tests Stink! – This book offers proven strategies and practical advice, in a fun, interesting way that will help students survive and strive in all kinds of test situations. Great as an part of an intervention plan or as a tool to help students who are not successful on the first round of standardized testing.

Taking the Duh out of Divorce – Using gentle humor, Trevor gives students practical, helpful advice for dealing with the pain of divorce.

Stress Can Really Get on Your Nerves – More students than ever feel worried, stressed out and anxious every day. This sometimes “secret” stress can surface as stomachaches, headaches, fatigue, inability to concentrate or inappropriate behavior. Reassuring words, silly jokes and lights hearted cartoons let kids know they are not the only worry warts on this planet and they can learn to manage their stress.

Who Cares I Do – This small flip book which features English and Spanish in the same book, helps students at a young age understand what it means to be a caring person. Cost: $5.95- Minimum Order (5).
The Trevor Romain Posters Feature the Characters from Trevor’s Books and DVDs and provide tips on various topics such as Bullying, Cliques, Homework and more.

COST: $9.95 each or 3/$14.95

Be One of a Kind – Six clique-busting tips help students stay themselves and cherish individuality in others.

Face Your Fears – This poster showcases Trevor’s fear busters which include talking with your parents, trying not to panic and breathing deeply.

Get to Your Homework Before it Gets to You – This poster features seven homework tips stressing organization, environment and good study habits.

Stop Bullies in Their Tracks- This colorful poster provides students the six options for appropriate behavior when facing bullies

Care for All- This colorful classroom poster provides sight words for the younger students such as Care, Share, Friend, and Kindness to reinforce recognition of these behaviors.

If You Don’t Take Care of Your Body, Where Else are You Going to Live? This posters poster features four tips for a healthy and active lifestyle.

Move Everybody- This poster reminds students what it means to be healthy and have fun!

I Have a Right - This poster provides students with the five rights for appropriate behavior – Feel Safe, Be Respected, Have Friends, Be Accepted, and Not Be Teased.
 We Can – This poster provides uplifting tips and messages to positively-influence student social conduct.
 Don’t Let a Bully Ruin Your Day! – Students will be reminded with an inviting Poster that handing a bully your power is a choice not a given.

The Trevor Romain Physical Education Curriculum includes exercises that meet the physical education performance requirements and are accompanied by hip, upbeat music of Trevor Romain. In addition to cardiovascular, muscular strength, and flexibility exercises, the physical education curriculum also provides kinesthetic learning activities that stimulate the right and left sides of the brain, which is a great aid to students who have challenges focusing and listening. The Curriculum Box includes:
• Curriculum Guide which includes Outcomes, Rubrics, Assessments, and Quick and Simple Instructions
• Move Every Body Music CD
• If You Don’t Take Care of Your Body Where are You Going to Live DVD
• Move Everybody Instructional Guide which gives a detailed overview of exactly how to use this program and get the most out of it.
• Move Everybody Instructional DVD which breaks down each routine step by step and gives a demonstration of each song with students performing the routines.
• Includes the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) standards and correlation.
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