ID# 001789
Austin, TX
United States
We service and maintain mobile devices used in the Enterprise and Educational Systems, primarily iPads, iPhones, and Tablets of all kinds.

• We are NOT a retail business: we are structured to process large orders, fast.
Our Purpose:
• For the first time, businesses and schools have realized the benefits of utilizing smart tablets and phones within their organizations.

• Educational systems are increasingly turning to smart tablets as educational resources, aiming to place a tablet in the hands of every student.

• Businesses increase productivity with mobile workstations, whether it’s a tablet, laptop, or smart phone.

• Businesses are deploying tablets and smart phones in the thousands to manage inventory, receive payments, and ensure constant connectivity.

• IT staffing requirements and repair costs are incalculable in the rapidly-evolving transition from static desktops to fluid mobile devices.

• While portability increases productivity, it also increases incidental damages to your devices