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For over a decade Odysseyware® has delivered personalized and individualized online curriculum and eLearning solutions that are the backbone of effective blended and competency based learning models, thus increasing equitable access to world-class education in thousands of schools & districts across the country. Odysseyware® implementations are designed as complete, stand-alone curriculum, for initial credit or to augment course offerings or can be used in alternative school settings dedicated to special education or credit recovery. Our rigorous core subjects, Career & Technical Education, business, fine arts, health and world language courses address the needs of accelerated and gifted learners as well as the 21st Century Learning objectives for college and career readiness. Odysseyware® curriculum is designed for self-paced student directed learning that meets the needs of diverse learners and provides the curriculum needed to bring deeper learning environments to your school. Remediation is accomplished effectively with ever-patient technology and the learning management system keeps instructors, teachers, and administrators informed.

Odysseyware®'s award-winning curriculum and Learning Management System provide unprecedented flexibility and customization options. Multiple personalization levels, including prescriptive learning pathways, course customization, and our Teacher Authoring Tool, empower educators to create individualized learning experiences for students. Odysseyware® multimedia content is written in HTML5 and requires no additional plugins or add ons.

The fully customizable solution supports individualized learning, giving teachers the flexibility they need to address short-term catch up, adjust learning to ensure mastery is achieved or to tailor learning based on student objectives or state standards. Functionality like text-to-speech, embedded multi-media instructional videos, interactive learning games, rich illustrations and animations bring learning to life and provide rigorous instruction for visual, auditory and kinetic learners. Getting your program up and running and ensuring you get the most of your investment is our priority. The people who manage your implementation are highly-skilled, dedicated professionals focused on knowledge sharing, student outcomes and teacher effectiveness. Our Client Services and Professional Learning Services divisions provide superior professional development and ongoing training via a breadth of personalized and general topics delivered in person and virtually. We can't wait to get started with you, your teachers and your students in the development of next generation learning.