Redflex Guardian Inc�

ID# 002481
5651 West Talavi Boulevard, Suite 200
Glendale, AZ 85306
United States
With the continuous development of new products and technology every year, we're able to help make communities safer by reducing more crashes and saving more lives, year after year.

Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, REDFLEX Traffic Systems partners with over 220 communities and operates over 2,000 traffic safety systems in the United States and Canada. REDFLEX works with communities to understand their traffic safety issues and then develops a program to address their specific issues.

Redflex has programs to deter red light running (REDFLEXred®), speeding (REDFLEXspeed®), passing stopped school buses (REDFLEX Student Guardian®), crossing railroad tracks while the alarm is active (REDFLEXrail®), running stop signs (REDFLEXstop®), unauthorized vehicles driving and stopping in bus lanes (REDFLEX Bus Lane®), and speeding in highway work zones (REDFLEX Worker Guardian®), stopping in an intersection during a red light (REDFLEX Grid Free®) and travelling in a crosswalk when a pedestrian is present (REDFLEX Pedestrian Guardian®). Plus, we have technology to help prevent right angle crashes by red light runners (REDFLEXred® Halo).

REDFLEX Traffic Systems Inc. is wholly owned by REDFLEX Holdings Group of Melbourne, Australia, which owns and operates the world's largest network of digital speed and red-light cameras worldwide.